Five interesting Cricut vinyl cutter projects worth trying


The Circuit vinyl cutters are one of the strongest in the market. These cutters sponsor some of the most innovative ideas in paper cutting designs. These cutters can turn amateur hands into that of a professional’s. Many people use these cutting machines mainly because they allow brilliant designs to be done in just a few minutes. With these cutting machines, users are able to use a lot of cartridges to embellish the designs of their scrapbooks as well as greeting cards.

The new machines released by the manufacturer have a lot more options that will surely keep you wanting for more. Like the Cricut Expression cutter lets you use vinyl or cardboard in order to get the most innovative cutout designs for your paper crafts. You can easily cut through any thick-sized paper without worrying about finishing. You can command the activities of the cutter easily with the built-in LCD screen. If you need specific shapes or dimensions for your designs, you can specifically instruct the cutter to do that for you.

Highly recommended by a number of experts, the Circuit vinyl cutter also lets you to make use of many design options like Mix ‘n Match and Auto Fill. You can easily flip the directions of your cutouts as well as manage the fitting requirements. A specific center point is already established in the machine that lets you save the time of measuring your cutout and directing your vinyl towards the blade area.

To get you started, here are five easy Cricut vinyl cutter projects to try:

Vehicle signs

The great thing about vinyl is that it is highly durable. This makes it perfect for people you wish to create their own “bumper sticker” or any other sign for their vehicle. These vehicle stickers can be used as a fun expression of your individuality or to promote your business. Making your own innovative signs is an effective way to reasonably promote your small business.

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Yard signs

If you have a business to promote or products or services to sell, then you can try using Cricut vinyl to create custom economic yard signs. For an example, garage sale signs will look amazing if created using this technique, and they will be interesting to make. The same also applies for people who run home-based business or have a home child care service. You can use vinyl to make customized signs to promote your services to potential customers.


Storage containers

If you like to keep your things organized, then you will love the storage containers. You can use Cricut vinyl to cut decorative labels, which you can paste on the outside of various types of storage containers or jars. Say, if we talk about your scrapbooking area, then you can sort out the different beads, buttons, ribbons and other embellishments that you use for your designs into separate containers, then use your die cut machine to cut labels identifying the contents of the jars easily.

You can also try the same idea for your child’s playroom You can cut out pictures or words depending on the age and understanding of your child that you can stick on the plastic storage containers and bins kept in your child’s room. This will help your little one keep his toys sorted and play zone clean.

Wall lettering

Wall letters are possibly one of the most popular uses for Cricut vinyl. In old times, people have to hire services of muralists or artists to get their favorite words or phrases hand painted on their walls. Or, if they thought of doing it on their own then need to investment huge amount of time and efforts. But, today with vinyl cutter one can produce a same look at a fraction of the hassle and price.

House numbers

House numbers help emergency personnel as well as visitors to find your home easily. Many people put interesting number and name plates on their homes. This is another creative project that you can make using Cricut vinyl cutter.

There are almost countless uses of this versatile cutter. So, get in touch with your creative self and design whatever comes to your mind, but don’t forget to try these 5 simple projects.

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