How to get the best final product by using the vinyl cutting machine


In this article, I am going to share some necessary tips and tricks on how to use the vinyl cutting machine in order to make the best final products. Never ignore anything here if you want to see the great results.


  • 1-10 feet of regular vinyl
  • Knife blades
  • Utility knife
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Sewing needle for weeding in addition to dental picks
  • Contact sheet for transfer

Tips and tricks of using the vinyl cutting machine

Tip 1: Blade depth, cutting strength and speed balance

When choosing the blade depth as well as cutting speed, you should start with a slower cutting speed so as to ensure that the cutting blade won’t make the areas marred.

A perfect starting speed should be from the lower range of 10 to 70 for testing purposes. And to cut the letters on a 4" decal successfully, the speed should be under 120.

Tip 2: Good settings lead to great results

To get the expected results, let track the settings of the vinyl cutter. Because sometimes, you are going to wanna jump right in and start cutting, however, the great results will be just gotten by multiple test cuts to dial in right settings group.

A setting group will consist of: Pressure, speed, vinyl type, roller location (work holding), weeding and post processing requirements.

  • TIP: Line up the vinyl edges using all of the rulers on the vinyl cutting machine in the front, the back, also.
  • TIP: The blade pressure setting will be related to the usage of the right blade depth when you set up the blade.
  • TIP: On mirrored vinyl, the cutting pressure was usually maxed out at 300 on a similar project.

Tip 3: Direction matters when weeding:

Before weeding, you should find the way in order that it can weed easily for the good results.

Start at different angles so as to test weeding.

When weeding, let make note of what letters pull away.

The correct weeding angle that is unique to each vinyl piece is going to enable you to pull off the entire inverse image as well as use that as its own decal. Although this is not required, the ability to use the weeded vinyl again shows a great choice in your settings.

Tip 4: Weeding the inside of a letter

I sure that you need to weed the inside of the letter, so I suggest doing each vinyl decal one at a time & saving the weeded letter insides on the separate piece of vinyl backing for using if you are possible to preserve the weeded portion in addition main letters. The inside of the letter will be best at an angle.

TIP: Take not of the location that the cut stops and starts with the portion to avoid lifting the letter away from the backing.

Tip 5: Transfer paper/contact sheet usage & application

When using transfer sheeting to transfer the vinyl to its final surface, let ensure keep the roll of the vinyl, the roll of the transfer sheeting in the same direction, as well.

You are going to get the bubbles and creases if you apply the transfer sheeting at 90 degree angle to the natural roll of the vinyl.

Tip 6: Hand lettering versus typography

Hand lettering is going to produce a wonderful look which some people will like while others say it is harder to read. The final best results are obtained from the consistent approach to letters.

One technique that can blend 2 approaches is using a font for vector tracing that can make your hand lettering appear more consistent. Besides, it is helpful to do the hand lettering inside of a box in order to ensure that the top and the bottoms are even.

Typography will give you the best and the most readable vinyl lettering for small and even medium size projects.

Tip 7: 5 Minutes per decal 15 count production run in black

To know how long it take you to make a series of vinyl decals, you should track your time from start to finish as well as divide by how many final pieces you made.

When making vinyl decals, a good target should be 10 minutes per one or 2 hours per a dozen that consists of all stages from design process to printing and final cutting process.

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