Important points to keep in mind when buying a vinyl cutter


Are you considering starting a vinyl cutting or t-shirt business? Then, first thing you will need is a vinyl cutting machine.

Below are a few key points to consider when adding a vinyl cutter to your existing business, or considering starting a business.

Learn how vector and raster images are different

A vinyl cutting machine works entirely with Vector artwork. A vinyl cutting machine particularly draws on your vinyl, with the help of a cutting blade and not a pencil or pen. It follows the intricacies and the contours of a graphic. This is different from a typical printer that just moves from left to right and sprays ink onto a material. Vector and raster can be understood as different languages. A vinyl cutting machine just speaks Vector.

Know what you are paying for


There are two grades of vinyl cutting machines, a basic level cutter and a professional grade cutter. If we talk about entry level cutter then these are economically priced and present you with minimal risk. They are not as easy to set up initially as well as use, but they obviously get the work done. Professional grade cutters on the other hand, are durable. They are an investment that will continue paying dividends well into the future. Mostly, they have premium features that allow you to cut quieter, faster and more accurately.

Work with someone who will work with you

If you will be soon buying a vinyl cutting machine, make it a point to purchase it from a vendor that has knowledge about the machine about the machine and will be pleased to help you make a right choice. He should be able to answer all your queries and questions. If you look for cheapest price, you will have to settle for cheapest service.

Buy a vinyl cutting machine that will perfectly cut the materials you are planning to work with


If you are planning to cut Rhinestone Templates, it will be best to buy a cutter with proper overcut function and force. If you will be cutting very long runs, you must choose a machine with accurate tracking. Now again, the vendor you are looking to buy from should be able to assist you choose the cutter that will cut what you want to cut.

Take your present set up into consideration

Not all vinyl cutting machines work with Mac computers. If you have a Mac PC/laptop, make sure you choose a cutter with compatible software and cutting driver. You must also consider space requirements. All 24” or smaller cutters can be set up on a table. If you have space issues you can also go for a cutter stand. These stand also provide longer cutting accuracy. Some cutters already come with a stand, while in some it is an add-on item.

Know about the software bundled with the machine

Most will have plugins for Corel Draw or/and Illustrator. Some software will beat others with easy to access features, design capabilities and vinyl cutting functionality that is not available even in the costlier, graphic design software.

Keep a business plan ready


We are sure that for a reason you are considering buying a vinyl cutting machine. Whatever that reason, make sure you have a plan around it. If you are planning to create your own custom t-shirts for online retail, consider getting your website designed and developed. If you are planning to buy a cutter to be a part of popular sports or school markets, contact your local organizations to know about business opportunities. You don’t want to take any orders until you have a vinyl cutting machine in place and have a basic idea of what needs to be done. There is no faster way to lose a client and potential business than overpromising and under delivering. So, first gather essential supplies and knowledge then take your first order to make the right start for a successful business.

So, when in market looking for a vinyl cutting machine, keep these above mentioned points in mind and make the best decision to get started with your vinyl cutting venture and ensure success for long term.

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