Many cool things you can do with your vinyl cutting machine


Vinyl cutting machine is nothing but an interesting computer controlled machine. They generally look and work a lot like printers, but instead of a pen reproducing your work on the printer paper, vinyl cutters use a blasé to cut design in certain materials. The software you use to design will export your design from your PC to the vinyl cutter, controlling the movements of the blade like it would do with a printer.

There are a number of things that you can accomplish using vinyl cutting machine. Here we are listing some of the cool things that you can do using your vinyl cutter.


Homes, Schools, Hackerspaces, and More

Create your own museum-style wall text

Cut the panels and silhouette shapes to create interactive shadow boxes.

Add a permanent wall shadow to a present or missing object

Make labels with magnetic backing material to make “In”, “Out” or names of room owners.

Vectorize photographs of members of your office, team or class. With a marking tool in your machine, sketch portraits to hang in your room.

Enlarge an interesting handwritten note into a great wall decoration

Add frosting or translucent blocking to window glass or acrylic laser cut projects without the mess of acid etching/sandblasting equipment.

Make removable vinyl wallpaper patterns on your own time and whims.

Custom Apparel

Transfer any illustration or design you can think of on totes, t-shirts and temporary tattoos.

Make team shirts for your classroom, sports team or office team

Launch your next project in style with t-shirts bearing the name, logo and purpose of your invention.

Prototypes and Project Decorations

Double stick adhesive sheets properly attach embellishments to your projects. Also, you can use them to attach your projects to tables, walls and other things.

Any embellishment details or text on 3D printed replica props that are too complicated and tiny to create using your printer.

Add patches of color, decals, weathering and text to your 3D printed scale replicas.

Test CNC and laser cuts in miniature before executing on costly or large materials.

Create stiff paper or foam prototypes of scale model of buildings or product designs.

Paper engineering


Add translucent acetate or fragments of paper to create colorful plywood or paper lanterns.

Create 3D objects by cutting and scoring the top layer of thin foam cardboard or core

Create paper craft projects like origami, kirigami by cutting, creasing, scoring and perforating thin plastics, cardstocks and paper.

Woodworking, Craft, and Painting

Make stencils and resist layers for sandblasting or chemical etching on metal, acrylic, glass or wood sheets.

Create stencil plastic and vinyl sheets suited to the particular solvent-based or water-based paints you will be using.

Remind yourself of the part ID and rotation when creating a massive assembly project on a chopsaw, laser cutter or CNC.

Prepare resist patterns and edge boundaries to take some of the fear out of coating, staining and painting.

Make and put trim makers on hardwoods, acrylic, MDF or plywood on-site where the project will be delivered and then transport the materials to a better furnished woodshop for cutting, sanding and painting.


Make your own DIY sticker circuits, from handy ad-hoc breakouts for your prototyping board to “LED stickies”.

Cut RFF interference protection, PCB layers and foil traces for your paper circuits

Use a conductive pen to plot a circuit in low-resistance silver

Create acid resist patterns for your custom PCBs and add silkscreen labels

Labels and Stickers

Put glow in the dark signs or safety labels in your workshop that only show when you turn off the lights.

Create labels for products, supplies and materials in your own idiom, from all-caps warnings to catchy safety warnings like “Be Careful, This Machine Has No Brain. Use Your Own”.

Stick time labels or physical numbers right onto the table while you photograph the stages of a process like a DIY craft to help you sort through the photographs later.

So, if you have a vinyl cutting machine or you are considering buying then you know what all you can do it and not just have a great thing to do in your free time but also explore your creative side.

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