Things to know and consider before buying a vinyl cutter machine


The best vinyl cutting machine is essential for a sign maker and a hobbyist. A vinyl cutter machine as name suggests is a machine that helps you accurately cut patterns from vinyl sheets and other materials. It is basically like a printer but has a sharp blade. But buying a vinyl cutting machine is not really simple, you need to know your requirements and available options to make a best choice.

To help you buy best vinyl cutting machine, here we are listing a few things that you should know and consider before buying a vinyl cutter.

What to Know Before you Buy a Vinyl Cutting Machine

Know the difference between vector and raster images. These are two types of digital graphics files. Vector images consist of geometric shapes like curves, points and lines. This is the type of digital image popularly used in logo designing and printing work like posters and brochures. It is made using drawing software like Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. This is the type of digital graphic files that works with vinyl cutters.

Raster images, on the other hand consist of a set of grids of dots termed as pixels. These types of images are used in editing photographs and web design and are very much dependent on resolution.

Like in all other purchases, you get what you pay for in vinyl cutter machine. If you are wondering how much have to spend to get the best vinyl cutting machine, then the answer is simple- the most costly ones. You can’t expect to get the best quality cuts on buying an basic level cutter.

Things to consider before buying a vinyl cutter

  • Ease of use: As in most equipment, you would want a vinyl cutter to be easy to use. A user-friendly vinyl cutter has simple and well laid-out controls that even beginners would understand easily.
  • The quality of the blades: Considering the quality of blades is also important. Also, know about the replacement of the blade. Some cutting machines provide replacement of blades while others don’t.
  • Types of materials that it can handle: There are two options: go for a cutter that only cuts vinyl or choose a machine that can cut up to 12 different materials. If you are sure that you won’t be cutting anything beyond vinyl then it is better to stick to vinyl cutter machine.
  • Printing size: For most buyers, this is the top most consideration in choosing a vinyl cutting machine. Entry level cutter only give a few inches of printing surface, this means the design options are limited. The really good cutters will give you up to one foot in length or at least 12 inches in width. Vinyl cutting machines for industrial use can give you up to two full feet in width, so you can easily make outdoor signage and banners which are perfect for a signage business.
  • Included design software: Most of the vinyl cutting machines come with a design and cut software. The working is very much simple- connect the vinyl cutter machine to the power socket, connect it to a PC or laptop and then control it using software that the machine manufacturer provides. Depending on the software also brush up your skills a little, so you can use the software and the cutter as a whole effectively.
  • Safety: This is an important point to consider especially if you have pets or children at home. The best vinyl cutter machine has a very few moving parts that may pinch or cut, or pose as choking hazards for kids and pets.
  • Warranty and support: One of the improvements in vinyl cutters is that these machines now have quite decent lifespans. You can expect these machines to last for many years. Usually, the warranty ranges from 6 months to 3 years. It goes without saying that the longer warranty is better.

By keeping mentioned points in mind while buying a vinyl cutter, you can easily buy the best one for your business or home or hobby purpose. So, before going to the market, read this guide.

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